A land truly unique in its location, composition and air purity

Deianira wines are created through an environmentally friendly viticulture and come from vineyards located in areas with a particularly favorable climate, and with an ideally suited geological composition of land.
The soil is mainly calcareous
and clayey, with an abundance
of stones in the ground.
 These particular geological
and microclimatic conditions make it possible to grow indigenous grapes such as Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara that retain the high quality mineral levels.
Over 200 meters above sea level, our vineyards have ample sun exposure, aiding in phenolic ripening and increased sugar content.
For each hectare, we allow a limited number of buds per plant, to ensure only the best quality of grape is grown. A lower density
of grapes per vine creates ideal ventilation
and a lower humidity level overall, allowing the grapes to be more easily dried.
Our vineyards are cultivated with the utmost care. All of our fertilizers are organic
– no chemicals are used.
We follow a protocol for treatments and fertilization established by the Consortium for the Protection
of Valpolicella Wines (RRR – Riduci, Risparmia, Rispetta), among whose guidelines forbid the use of numerous antiparasitic products.
The soils are also grassed in the inter-rows, thus limiting the vine’s vigor and creating
an important vegetative-productive balance and bio-diversity.